Time to renew our work

Now it’s time to renew our work on our Eco-neighbourhood.

We have drawn up our landscape plans (attached) and had lots of input into ways to improve them.
There is one last opportunity and we would love to hear your ideas.
You are invited to help develop Whangarei’s first urban eco-neighbourhood.
When: Wednesday 1 February, 5.30 – 7.30.
Where: 13B Cross St, Regent.

We are developing an 18 dwelling Eco-neighbourhood in central Whangarei (Regent). Our aim is to be a supportive inter-generational community and a model of sustainable urban living. Features include: a common house, a central village green, cars parked at the entrance and walkways to all dwellings and a lush edible landscape.
At the Green Drinks we will present to you the initial lanscape design and ask for your feedback. This will help us develop our final design which will be presented to Council.
Later this year lots will be released for sale and building will commence in 2018.

Ahi Wai - Eco Neighbourhood

Shaun Davison and Carmel Henry
Whangarei 0112
09 4372120