The big pour

Dear all,




Hope you survived the big pour.
I thought it may reveal some of the springs on the site but besides lots of water slushing around they remain out of sight.
There has though been progress on several fronts.




We hosted a Green Drinks at the start of February – this led to more ideas on the layout of the Eco-neighbourhood.
This in turn lead to an article in the Northern Advocate which was seen by many and received positive feedback.
It also lead to an approach from an organisation that funds homes for disabled people – given our focus on diversity and universal access there was an obvious fit.




On the design front we had another meeting with the architects and permaculture advisor.
We have decided to aim for 18 dwellings in total and include a swimming pool so there is a challenge there.
We also pegged out the village green & the pathway outside it.
If you stroll past you can see the string – it makes it all more real!




The plan is to finalise plans over the next weeks – and then send it out to you all.




I’m thinking that it would be good to have a meeting of all interested people on Saturday May 6th – what do you think?



We would then send to Council for Resource Consent.




Keep dry
Nga mihi nui

Ahi Wai - Eco Neighbourhood

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