Resource consent is in

The first few days of spring are here and everything starts to bloom again! Looking at the magnolias next to our house make us thankful for being alive, being able to enjoy nature’s beauty around us and the support of our loved ones, family and friends. We are indeed blessed to have such a great community around us: people who are continuously willing to build our collective new homes together, to communicate and listen to each other, and to create something together that is greater than our individual selves and will hopefully surpass us all.

Spring started lively with a lot of new faces, talks about cuppas and wine and connecting about ongoing and future projects. We were particularly impressed with a group of young and motivated friends who are planning to build a centre for socio-ecological learning and are looking for a suitable piece of land around here to bring their vision to life. So we really hope for an ongoing collaboration in the future.

Also, we are more than happy to announce that the resource consent is in and we are waiting for that to be processed! Celebrations of this milestone are more of a quiet sort at the moment since we are all busy, but we made sure to share a celebratory drink with a few of the professionals who were and continue to be involved in it. Thanks to them, we have an extremely well prepared application, which will hopefully be processed in due time, so we can start working on more detailed engineering plans after that.

We will keep you posted and hope you can enjoy a few lovely spring days as well!

Ahi Wai - Eco Neighbourhood

Shaun Davison and Carmel Henry
Whangarei 0112
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