Enjoy living each day

Enjoy living each day

Well our lives have been radically changed by the sudden death, 12 weeks ago, of Paul Willoughby. Paul was one of the projects founding members. He was instrumental in much of the progress that we have made. Always reliable, he was a person whose wisdom helped guide us through some tricky times. We miss him dearly.

And just as there is some light in the darkest of times, so we have made progress towards the realisation of our vision.

Our team of professionals have had an initial meeting with Whangarei District Council. Their response was positive overall with some matters that need attention.

One matter is finalising the access way. This is being negotiated with the Ministry of Education. While progress has been slow, we are getting closer and closer to resolution with extensive plans and engineer’s reports.

At the same time, work is taking place on the web page. The draft is looking very professional and I am meeting again with the web designers – Garret and Irene – today.

One very positive development is a potential partnership with a company called Catalyst Homes. They design and build Eco-homes. Not only do they have information on the latest developments in warm sustainable homes but they will be able to offer a house package. You will be able to choose from a selection of plans, the price will be set and they will oversee the build. We will invite them to meet you at a later date.

In the pipeline is some work with the geo-tech engineers who will design the infrastructure (drainage, sewage, electricity).

Finally we have begun work with a quantity surveyor. He will give us an estimation of the cost of developing the property. This plus the estimates from Catalyst homes means that we will at some stage be able to give some accurate costings of the land and homes.

Enjoy living each day…

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