Resource consent is in

The first few days of spring are here and everything starts to bloom again! Looking at the magnolias next to our house make us thankful for being alive, being able to enjoy nature's beauty around us and the support of our loved ones, family and friends. We are indeed...

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It’s about to happen

The last few weeks have been very busy, because we are finally pulling everything together to apply for resource consent with the Council. We are very excited to have a bunch of well versed professionals and a supportive community behind us that helps us with all the...

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Enjoy living each day

Well our lives have been radically changed by the sudden death, 12 weeks ago, of Paul Willoughby. Paul was one of the projects founding members. He was instrumental in much of the progress that we have made. Always reliable, he was a person whose wisdom helped guide...

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The big pour

Dear all,       Hope you survived the big pour. I thought it may reveal some of the springs on the site but besides lots of water slushing around they remain out of sight. There has though been progress on several fronts.       We hosted...

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Time to renew our work

Now it's time to renew our work on our Eco-neighbourhood. We have drawn up our landscape plans (attached) and had lots of input into ways to improve them. There is one last opportunity and we would love to hear your ideas. You are invited to help develop Whangarei’s...

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Big strides

Our Eco project has taken big strides this year. We have employed a plethora of engineers, architects, arborists etc. As a consequence trees have been felled and a detailed design of our Eco-village has been drawn up. We have also had the land blessed and had a big...

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Ahi Wai - Eco Neighbourhood

Shaun Davison and Carmel Henry
Whangarei 0112
09 4372120