Big strides

Our Eco project has taken big strides this year.

We have employed a plethora of engineers, architects, arborists etc. As a consequence trees have been felled and a detailed design of our Eco-village has been drawn up.

We have also had the land blessed and had a big meeting of people (30+) to discuss the merits of our plans. In essence it will be an inter-generational urban eco-neighbourhood. It includes 12 dwellings, a common house and village green, with the cars kept to the edge of the property.

We aim to put our plans to council in the early part of 2017, put in infrastructure (drainage, power, sewage etc) and then sell sites in 2018 for building.

So if you would like to join a supportive Eco-Neighbourhood – now is your chance!

Ahi Wai - Eco Neighbourhood

Shaun Davison and Carmel Henry
Whangarei 0112
09 4372120