It’s about to happen

The last few weeks have been very busy, because we are finally pulling everything together to apply for resource consent with the Council. We are very excited to have a bunch of well versed professionals and a supportive community behind us that helps us with all the bits and pieces. As the Council has been very supportive of the idea of our eco-village in general, we have every reason to believe that this will go smoothly.


From one of our first drafts, which made it into a cardboard model, to the finalized plans in the background.The architectural plans still need a few tweaks, and there has been a lot of careful work that has progressed us from  our first eco-village drafts to the nearly finished ones (on the picture you can see one of the early drafts made into a beautiful paper model, with the recent ones in the background). As we write this, the plans are getting finalized and we are very excited to see them.


After two years of negotiations with the Ministry of Education regarding our access way and a few engineer’s reports later, they agreed to work with us on this. For us, this is an important development and we are very happy to have the support of the Whangarei Boys High School and the Council. That means we are able to go with our original plans for the access way, having two lanes and a bicycle track that can be used by everyone.


Just a few days ago, we met up with a quantity surveyor, and we are working through a maze of details which should enable us to put some realistic prices on the sections.


At the same time, we are trying to be more active on social media. Watch our Facebook page for updates, and if you want to follow us on Instagram, you can find us via


We have come a long way and we want to thank everyone who has supported us so far. Once we obtained resource consent, a lot of exciting things are going to happen that need the further support of our wonderful community. Drop us a line if you are interested to become a part of this!


Nga mihi nui

Ahi Wai - Eco Neighbourhood

Shaun Davison and Carmel Henry
Whangarei 0112
09 4372120