Welcome to Ahi Wai Eco-Neighbourhood!


Haere mai! Haere mai! Haere mai!

We are an 18-dwelling Eco-Neighbourhood in central Whangarei (Regent).

Our aim is to be a supportive intergenerational community and a model of sustainable urban living.

Features include: a common house, a central village green, cars parked at the entrance and walkways to all dwellings, as well as a lush edible landscape.

Plans are well underway and investment to secure lots is now happening.

Siteworks are expected to commence in spring, and building in 2022.

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Our logo represents the elements of Fire (Ahi), Water (Wai) and the Earth that sustains us. In the mists of time this land was dominated by volcanic activity. An eruption sent forth fiery lava which spread until it came to the cooling water of a spring and settled to form our site.
Thus the name Ahi Wai – Fire and Water.

The Project

Plans are well developed for our 18-dwelling neighbourhood. Here we see the entrance way. The first sight of our neighbourhood will be of a welcoming common house. To the left will be garages. To the right, 5 terraced dwellings, each consisting of a suite and garage below. The common house will lead members through to the common living area which is surrounded by homes. The common house will include accomodation, a kitchen and dining room, a laundry and a library. It will lead out to a covered area along with a bbq, pizza oven, outside seating and swimming pool.

A supportive community

A key aspect of our neighbourhood is that you will be joining a group of like-minded people with an emphasis on being supportive. The model we are following is called Co-Housing. There are over 600 similar neighbourhoods in Denmark. In New Zealand we have two others: Earthsong in Auckland and High Street Co-housing in Dunedin. Read more about how things will be run under Joining.

House Design

A feature of our Eco-Neighbourhood is that all the homes will be owned freehold. You will purchase your own site with a designated area to build. You will also own an 18th share of the common land which will include garages and car-spaces, a common house, a swimming pool and a village green. There are several styles of houses planned, all of which will need to meet certain sustainable and aesthetic requirements. To make this process easy we use two recognised industry rating systems – Lifemark and Homestar

More on our Eco-Neighbourhood

If you wish to find out further information about our Eco-Neighbourhood simply fill out a request for a new membership package. This will outline how to become a member and add you to our email list. We will let you know of the date of our next membership meeting, so you can come along. Alternatively read more about How to Join on this site.

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